HDD intern- Seagate Exos X16, 3.5'', 16TB, SAS, 7200RPM, 256MB cache- ST16000NM002G

HDD int. 3,5 10TB Seagate Exos X10 ST10000NM0016

Online store

    We hope you are already familiarized with the best price-quality services & products. Keep in mind that we provide daily updates to our shop website and everything you do on this website is being secured with Rapid SSL. Remember to always check what we have to offer, you won't get disappointed.

    HP, Fujitsu, IBM, DELL, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, AMD, Intel, Kingston, Corsair, Microsoft, Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, ASUS, SONY, APC, D-Link, CISCO, Benq, LG, Philips, a few brands from our business portofolio.

B-A-S-E Support Packs

    Small Business or Large Enterprise, we have ways to keep your business up and running. B-A-S-E stands for Basic-Advanced-Superior-Enterprise. You can choose what pack best fits your needs. Each includes a set of services that we believe are necessary for each type of package. However, together we can build custom packs to serve you even better.

    Have a look to see what type of services we have to offer!

Our business, your comfort!

    Our team assures a complete and unique IT&C services. Our area of expertise covers anything from simple desktop configuration to highly complex virtualization environments. When you are working with us, you don't need to worry about needing somebody else for shipping equipment, patch cords, configuring routers or integrating Active Directory into you`re network.

New achievements

    We are proud for obtaining new achievements. HP Gold Specialist 2013, HP Personal Computing Gold Specialist 2013, HP Professional Storage Gold Specialist 2013, Member of Seagate Partner Program, AMD Select Fusion Partner.

    You can always check this section in order to see our company greatest accomplishments.

Worldwide partner

    Stream Networks had become over the years a certified partner with most of the international consecrated brand names. Today we find ourselves recommended by IBM, HP, Fujitsu, DELL, Acer, AMD, Intel, Kingston, D-Link, Allied Telesys, Microsoft, BitDefender, Panda Security as well as national autorized distributors.


    Our main market area is in Romania, however we do not stand aside from international business if our sales policy allows it.

Thank you!

    We hope you enjoyed our presentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any IT&C matter.

    The Stream Networks Team. Technology of tomorrow, brought to you today!

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Our company history started back in 1997. With over 14 years of experience, we are continuously expanding our area of expertise.

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We are covering anything from simple desktop configuration to highly complex virtualization environments.

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As part of our activity is being a reseller of equipment. Our stock contains HP, Fujitsu, DELL, IBM & many more parts and products.

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